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Scared of voter fraud in 2024 election? You should be! Newly released poll reveals shocking number of unabashed cheaters

Scared of voter fraud in 2024 election? You should be! Newly released poll reveals shocking number of unabashed cheaters

The 2020 election may seem like a distant memory, but as November 5 draws nearer, many are worried about repeated voter fraud.

And they should be worried.

Sara Gonzales points to a 2023 poll conducted by the Heartland Institute. According to the survey, “in the 2020 general election, more than one in five mail-in voters admitted to voting illegally.”

If that wasn’t disturbing enough, the Heartland Institute just released another poll indicating that “approximately 44 million Americans would vote illegally in the 2024 election ‘to prevent [the] other side from winning.”’

Justin Haskins, director of the Socialism Research Center at the Heartland Institute, tells Sara that this recent poll included questions such as:

“Would you change a friend or family member's ballot without their knowledge?” “Would you throw out a friend or family member’s ballot without them knowing about it?” And “Would you vote in two states?”

Shockingly, “28% of voters said yes to at least one of those questions,” says Haskins. “That's an incredibly staggering number.”

What is perhaps even more staggering, however, is that “it was basically equal – Republicans and Democrats.”

What does this mean for the 2024 election?

That's exactly what Sara and the Blaze Originals team investigate in the upcoming documentary "Voter Fraud Exposed: How Elections Can Be Stolen."

Voter Fraud Exposed: How Elections Can Be Stolen | Official Trailer | Blaze Originalswww.youtube.com

According to Haskins, for Biden, who relied heavily on mail-in ballots in 2020, “even if the fraud is equal on both sides, it actually would benefit Biden significantly more because there's just way more mail-in ballots on his side."

"All you would need is maybe 4%-5% of ballots to be thrown out – even if the fraud was equal for Democrats and Republicans – and Trump would have won, not Biden," he explains, adding, "it shows you how important a number like 28% is, and it also tells you how screwed up America is.”

“If a quarter of people are saying, ‘Yeah, I'll cheat to win, I'll do anything to win,’ how can you have a republic?” he asks, noting that America is “in huge trouble.”

To hear Sara’s thoughts and learn more about the upcoming Blaze Originals documentary in which she takes a close look at potential voter fraud in the 2024 election, watch the clip below.

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