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Steve Deace breaks down why lefty Twitter is TRIGGERED over Musk reinstating Trump, and it's not what you'd think

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The left-wing Twittersphere has been steadily melting down in the weeks after Elon Musk took control of the platform. For years, Twitter has held a reputation for forcing conservative voices to be silenced, but now, the pendulum appears to be swinging in a new direction.

BlazeTV's Steve Deace has a theory about why the left is so mad: "They aren't playing for the next election," Steve explained, "they are angry that Elon musk has expanded the Overton window. He is not taking their cues of what is acceptable to be discussed and who is acceptable to consume. He is making his own choices for his reasons."

Steve makes a case for why he believes the left is playing for something "more transcendent than electoral politics." "They are playing for raw power," Steve said. "That is why they are losing their minds over Trump being brought back ... because there is no justification for not reinstating others like Alex Jones, Project Veritas, and others."

"[Trump] is the gateway drug to even up this fight again where information flows — Twitter," Steve said. He added that Elon appears to have a single motivation that is making Twitter successful.

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