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Biden is NOT protecting and defending the Constitution, Glenn Beck says

Stu Does America

Do you believe in freedom of speech? What about freedom of the press? But what if the press is outwardly lying?

The constitutional rule of law is under attack and has been for quite some time. On this episode of "Stu Does America," Stu and Glenn discussed what they described as the "most impeachable thing" they had witnessed in this lifetime. Watch the clip to hear the full conversation.

Glenn later provided a brief overview of the veto power granted to the executive branch of the United States government and explained how President Joe Biden appeared to have abused his veto power by neglecting to veto a clearly unconstitutional law.

"This is truly about the constitutional rule of law," Glenn said.

He added that President Biden, who is suppose to check the constitutionality of any bill passed by Congress, appeared to have passed on his duty to protect the Constitution, passing the responsibility along to the Supreme Court instead. Watch the clip to hear more about the specific law in question.

"A constitutional republic cannot stand in opposition to the Constitution!" Glenn said. He went on to explain how everything the current administration does is indirect opposition to the very Constitution they swore to protect and defend.

Glenn noted that Americans will have to look past political affiliation and get back to the basics — the Bill of Rights — and decide if we still agree on our founding principles.

Watch the clip for the full conversation. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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