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Bill Maher stuns leftist guest, says DeSantis would be a 'way better' president than Trump

The Chad Prather Show
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HBO's Bill Maher stunned guest panelists when he unexpectedly defended Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, arguing that the Republican governor would make a "way better" president than former President Donald Trump.

On “Real Time with Bill Maher,” guest panelists Krystal Ball and James Kirchick joined Maher to discuss the House January 6 committee hearings. The three debated whether or not then-President Trump "committed crimes" and blasted any Republican they thought might be following in the former president's footsteps.

Ball argued that prosecuting Trump would not "solve our problem," because DeSantis would be no "better." DeSantis has edged out the former president in recent polling for the favored Republican presidential nominee in 2024.

"I actually have no issue with Trump being prosecuted, and I have a lot of issue [sic] with elites being left unaccountable for the crimes that they commit, number one. Number two, that’s not going to solve our problem,” said Ball.

“Do you think that Ron DeSantis is going to be way better than Donald Trump?” she asked.

"Yes, yes I do," Maher cut in, leaving Ball visibly shocked.

Ball pushed back, insisting that DeSantis “clearly modeled himself in the footsteps of Donald Trump.”

“He’s not certifiably insane. That’s a great one to start off with,” Maher replied.

“You know what Ron DeSantis won’t be doing? He won’t be poop-tweeting every day. He won’t be, like, having feuds with Bette Midler on Twitter. He’s not an insane person," he added.

Maher has been making a lot of sense lately, something that doesn't seem to go over very well with the Left. Some have even wondered if the liberal comedian has been “red-pilled," and, if so, will he get canceled, or is Bill Maher untouchable?

Watch the video clip below to hear BlazeTV's Chad Prather review some of Maher's most suprising "red-pilled" moments. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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