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Politicians are not experts. So, why do we let them run our lives?

The Chad Prather Show


How many times have experts been wrong? Why are we so enamored by experts? When will we stop living in fear?

Wasn't it experts who designed the Titanic? Didn't experts say the sun revolved around the earth? Remember when The New York Times said a rocket would never leave the earth's atmosphere? So, why do we let the experts run our lives?

On Thursday's episode of "The Chad Prather Show," host Chad Prather called out politicians who, according to Chad, are only experts in two areas: Pushing their agendas and getting re-elected. So why do we hold the experts' opinions with higher regard than those opinions of we who are committed to being life-long learners?

Chad believes the time is now for Americans to rise to the occasion and stop being afraid to take control of their lives. Chad said he is living dangerously this year. He ate wild turkey and hung Christmas lights using a twenty-foot extension ladder. He had breakfast at a Waffle House. He didn't shower. His dog licked his face. He even cooked his turkey medium-well.

Watch the clip to hear what else Chad had to say about the experts and why Americans should stop living in fear. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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