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Alex Jones’ Infowars to be shut down and liquidated to pay Sandy Hook victims’ families
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Alex Jones’ Infowars to be shut down and liquidated to pay Sandy Hook victims’ families

In yet another attack on freedom of speech, a court-appointed trustee in Alex Jones’ bankruptcy proceedings has disclosed plans to effectively shut down Jones’ media platform, Infowars, and liquidate its inventory to pay some of the $1.5 billion he owes to the Sandy Hook victims’ families.

This news comes in the wake of the recent verdict that Jones’ personal assets would be liquidated to contribute toward paying the astronomical judgment for spreading “misinformation.”

Today he joins Glenn Beck to share his side of the story.

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“This is very historic,” says Jones. “The quote ‘families’ who are represented by high-power Democrat Party law firms, the same ones suing Elon Musk right now for defamation … went on CNN last week and said, ‘We do not want money. We want [Infowars] immediately closed.”’

“They don't want to sell the millions of dollars of inventory – books, films, T-shirts, supplements, water filters. They don't want anything; they want it immediately shut down, and they said ‘because we want to stop his speech,’” he tells Glenn. “It’s just outrageous how transparent this is.”

Jones recalls when two years ago, two judges, one from Texas, the other from Connecticut, found him liable for “failure to give any discovery.” However, Jones swears he “gave them everything,” but “there was just no evidence of what they said [he] did,” so he was declared “guilty in default.”

“I was not allowed to put on defense; I was not allowed to respond,” says Jones, adding that his lawyers “weren't allowed to [defend him].”

Jones says he agreed to an “orderly liquidation,” so that “the stuff actually gets sold off,” which might allow him to give his employees some severance.

However, “they immediately ran to the same judge that found me guilty without a jury trial in Texas and just in a summary hearing [with] no evidence said, ‘Seize all the assets,”’ Jones tells Glenn. “So now the federal trustee is in a fight with them trying to block them today, grabbing the bank accounts and having the sheriff’s department … come and lock the doors.”

When Jones informed the public of the situation, the media, once again, deemed him “a conspiracy theorist.”

“They've admitted in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, CNN – everywhere – that they're going to use this precedent against me in lawfare,” he says.

“I'm guilty of plenty of stuff, I made plenty of mistakes, but I did not say 99% of what they said I said, but I couldn't defend myself,” Jones admits, adding that he did say the shooting was “totally staged” but “never sent anybody to [the families’] houses” and “never peed on graves.”

According to Jones, after “the media [created] this illusion” that he was guilty of a long list of atrocities, they made it impossible for him to respond.

“Every nightly news channel” and “hundreds of publications” were “saying things I never said, [but] I was unable to respond, so that's what's so scary about the situation,” he says.

To hear Glenn’s response, check out the clip above.

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