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Woke company tells white employees to sign INSANELY racist 'contract' — one refuses and pays the price

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'Someone had to be willing to stand up'

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Attorney Nicole Levitt loves her job — representing victims of domestic violence. But she started to notice a change after the horrific killing of George Floyd: The agency she works for started embracing an anti-racist "ideology" that didn't tolerate dissent. Eventually, she was asked to sign a contract that included the statement, "All white people are racist and I am not the exception." Instead, she knew someone had to speak out — and it would have to be her.

Levitt joined Glenn Beck on the radio program to explain why she decided to take a stand, whether she regrets doing so, and what may be coming next.

"At first everyone did unite around what happened to George Floyd. It was horrible, and I don't think any thinking, feeling person could see that and not be moved against it," Levitt began. "The problem came when that empathy was hijacked for what I'd say was an ideological cause. It got to the point where if you didn't agree with that ideology, if you dissented one step away from it, then you were an outcast."

Levitt explained how her company separated staff into "affinity groups" according to skin color, which she found "so regressive and so offensive" that she eventually said she could no longer participate.

"The language that I heard used against white people mirrored what was said against Jews in the 1930s, and I wholeheartedly reject that kind of dehumanizing language against any race or any group. And anyone with a sense of history can tell you that things don't go well when that happens," stated Levitt, who is Jewish.

"As an agency, we were bombarded with messages of anti-racism. We were asked to attend a lot of different trainings and read a lot of different materials on like the [Ibram X.] Kendian sense of anti-racism," she explained.

After telling the company she could no longer attend the "white affinity group meetings," Levitt was asked to agree to a "Full Value Contract." She said most of this contract was "fine" until she came to the fifth line.

"Number five said 'own that all white people are racist and I am not the exception,'" she told Glenn. "I immediately objected to that. ... I'm not going to pretend to agree with it, it's just not possible."

Levitt was eventually told she had to attend a meeting with a DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) consultant, the purpose of which was to assess if she was "safe to be around your black and brown colleagues and clients."

"This is really about dividing us," Glenn asserted. "This is about control, power, politics, money. It's not actually about bringing people together and seeing beyond race."

"This kind of division is not going to serve us as an organization, and it's not going to serve us as a country. And someone had to be willing to stand up and say 'no.' And right now, that's me," Levitt added. "It's not the position I wanted to find myself in, believe me. But it's the position I'm in, and I'm committed to it."

"I've learned that it's worth it to stand up for your ideals, but that you will pay the price," she wrote in Newsweek. "I think you're going to pay a bigger price if you don't do it, in terms of your integrity."

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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