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Nuclear fallout imminent? Biden admin drops MILLIONS on anti-radiation medicine

The Glenn Beck Program

'We don't carry a stockpile of this drug ... and it only has a shelf life of 18 MONTHS'

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In an address to a Democratic Senate campaign committee, President Joe Biden warned that America, under his leadership, is the closest it's been to nuclear “Armageddon” since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. On top of that, the Department of Health and Human Services has announced that it spent close to $300 million on a drug to treat acute radiation syndrome in the event of a nuclear emergency. It should be noted that this medicine has a shelf life of only 18 months.

On the radio program Friday, Glenn Beck had to wonder what the Biden administration appears to be preparing for and why we seem to be letting Biden — who has been called "the wrongest man on foreign policy ever" — drag us toward nuclear “Armageddon” without even having a discussion about it?

"A very disturbing thing came out yesterday. The HHS ... announced they had purchased $290 million dollars worth of an anti-radiation drug," Glenn said. "These are not potassium iodine pills ... though the state of Delaware just announced ... it will be handing out free potassium iodide tablets to residents on October 13."

"So what did we just spend $300 million dollars on?" he continued. "Well, the drug that the HHS says it just purchased was called NPlate and it's made by a company named Amgen. [...] This drug is used to treat ... ARS, that's acute radiation syndrome, and it's used to treat blood cell injuries from severe radiation poisoning.

Glenn added, "Until this press release, there's no evidence of any kind that our research team could find that Health and Human Services have ever had anti-radiation poison medication just sitting around on hand. We don't carry a stockpile of this ... and it only has a shelf life of 18 months. Why did we just spend $300 million dollars on something we've never purchased before, is for serious radiation poisoning, has to be refrigerated at all times, and it only has a shelf life of 18 months?"

Watch the video clip below to hear more from Glenn. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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