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BIG CHANGE COMING: Facebook, Google, and X announce they will ELIMINATE their news divisions, but Blaze Media has some changes of its own…

BIG CHANGE COMING: Facebook, Google, and X announce they will ELIMINATE their news divisions, but Blaze Media has some changes of its own…

There’s a big change coming in the news media industry, and according to Glenn Beck, conservative platforms like Blaze Media will most likely not benefit from these changes.

Nothing surprising there. However, there’s a silver lining.

Platforms like Facebook, Google, and X “look for the big stories of the day, and then they give you a rundown of them. They put them and push them into people’s threads, and people get their news that way,” says Glenn.

But that’s all going away apparently.

Over the weekend, Facebook announced that it would be eliminating its news division, and it looks like Google, X, and Instagram are planning to follow suit.

“That means that they’re not gonna be pushing stories out from the mainstream media from corporate,” says Glenn.

“That’s going to hurt the mainstream media a great deal,” he continues.

But before you celebrate, there’s a downside to consider.

“If I understand this correctly,” says Glenn, “they are going to let people repost news” instead.

What’s unclear is whether these mega corporations “are going to stop organizations like Blaze from actually publishing our news,” says Glenn, adding that as of now, “we’re not really sure what this means.”

“I don’t think it means anything really good for our side because it never does,” he laments.

Granted that Blaze Media has been “battling with these media groups forever” — groups that “have so many different tools that they use to silence stories and voices that they don’t like” — it’s unlikely these coming changes will benefit conservative media outlets.

“Even now, my Facebook page is throttled more than we’ve seen in a very long time,” adds Glenn, meaning that “the things that I’m posting to Facebook and other platforms are not getting to you.”

You may be wondering what exactly the silver lining is.

Well, let’s just say Blaze Media has been making some changes of its own.

“We have a big announcement, ... and tomorrow we’ll let you know what we’ve been working on,” teases Glenn.

Come back tomorrow to learn about the exciting changes Blaze Media has in store! See you then.

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