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Check out these TERRIFYING predictions that are coming TRUE

Check out these TERRIFYING predictions that are coming TRUE

World leaders recently gathered in India for this year's G20 summit and produced a document that is essentially the Great Reset on steroids.

The document could have been written by Glenn Beck himself, who reviews the G20 New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration and realizes he’s made 10 of these same predictions in his new book, “Dark Future” — and that’s not a good thing.

Glenn says the G20 is making an “international commitment to dramatically scale back the use of private and public lands,” as well as "restoring by 2030 at least 30% of all degraded ecosystems and scaling up the efforts to achieve land degredation neutrality" and "halt and reverse biodiversity loss by 2030."

“This would mean not only the end of land development, but also the return of land that’s currently occupied by humans to nature," Glenn says. Glenn is disturbed but not surprised, noting, “They’re not gonna do anything with it; they’re just going to return it to its natural, utopian, you know, Garden of Eden state.”

“This is what we warned about in ‘Dark Future.’ In fact, I wouldn’t mind just calling these the top 10 things that we told you about in ‘Dark Future’ that are now happening,” he adds.

The third point Glenn describes is “a plan for international governance for AI,” which would ensure that “AI is developed responsibly, which means, among other things, designers take ethics and biases into account.”

“So, in other words, we hate conservatives. Let’s put that into the machine,” Glenn jokes, adding that “this is a way for them to use AI now, globally, to promote ESG, DEI, and other social justice.”

Glenn describes a further goal of “promoting AI that is designed to accomplish the United Nations' sustainable development goals.”

Glenn also predicted the expansion of the international tax system and building a publicly regulated, controllable, digital public infrastructure as well as additional regulations for cryptocurrencies, which also make an appearance in the document.

Glenn describes the G20 goal of “increasing social protection programs like universal health care and implementing policies to make social security benefits portable between nations.”

One of the most alarming goals concerns the World Health Organization. “Enhancing the power of the World Health Organization in future pandemics and public health emergencies,” Glenn describes.

Glenn says these world leaders also plan to put trillions into new climate-related spending programs as well as ensuring collaboration and research for introduction and adoption of central bank digital currencies.

Glenn notes that despite the dystopian nature of this list, we shouldn’t worry. Because as we’ve all been told so many times, no matter how many world leaders spell out their plans for us, it’s apparently nothing but “a conspiracy theory.”

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