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Glenn: Why I think WAR with China by 2025 is ‘DONE DEAL’

The Glenn Beck Program

China has announced that it is now a special partner with Russia and that change is coming.

Xi Jinping said, “Change is coming that hasn’t happened in over a hundred years, and we will drive this change together.”

Not only was Xi throwing out threats, but Putin was as well. He said Russia will have to respond accordingly to the U.S. and Britain sending tanks to Ukraine.

Obviously, this is great news for all of us who aren’t thrilled about the prospect of China and Russia against the rest of the world.

But it’s not just Russia and China. Australia has also said it will not promise to side with the United States if China goes into Taiwan.

Based on all of this information, Glenn makes a prediction. He says, “China, I believe, before 2025, before the next president is sworn in, you will have a digital currency.”

He continues, “I hope I’m wrong on all of these things. You’ll have a digital currency. China will be in Taiwan, and we'll be tied up in a major war. I think that is a done deal, because why wouldn’t you, if you were China?”

America is more divided than ever, our banking system is failing, the entire West is just waiting for a complete collapse.

Gretchen Whitmer is funneling $715 million in taxpayer dollars to Goiton, a Chinese company that has just bought 700 acres of property near Big Rapids, Michigan. The company’s bylaws are in accordance with the constitution of the Communist Party of China.

Its corporate document also states that the company’s party committee “shall strengthen the construction of party organization and party members at the grassroots level and oversee growing the communist youth league.”

Glenn continues, “At what point do we have the balls to say 'I think they’re playing for the other team'? Just hard to believe all of these things could be mistakes.”

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