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Claims of GAY OBAMA on Tucker Carlson's show are IMPORTANT, but NOT for reasons you may think

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Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently interviewed Larry Sinclair, a man who has made claims for years that in 1999, he had sex and smoked crack with Barack Obama.

The interview has yet to air, but the previews of the interview — during which Sinclair claims it did not seem to be Obama’s first time — have been sending shockwaves through social media.

These claims have slightly more weight now than they did in 2008 due to the discovery of letters in which Obama allegedly admitted to fantasizing about having sex with men. However, Glenn Beck doesn’t think the story is the real controversy.

Glenn claims the media is ignoring this story, “hoping that it will go away.”

“By doing so, half the nation knows something that the other half does not. By doing so, half the nation has information that the other side has no idea about, thus causing another fracture and balkanization,” Glenn explains.

As an example, Glenn imagines a picturesque Thanksgiving dinner during which one person brings up what Obama is claimed to have done, while the rest of the family at the table says, “There you go again, making stuff up.”

“This should tell you everything you need to know about progressives and everything you need to know about the media, which are progressives,” Glenn says. “They don’t think you’re smart enough. They want to be the arbiter of the information that you get.”

In other words, it’s not Obama’s escapades that we should worry about, but rather the press picking and choosing stories to give to their very specific and divided audiences.

Glenn believes the “press is also making all of your decisions by excluding information.”

He cites a study that shows that 15% of the people who voted for Joe Biden wouldn’t have voted for him had they known about the Hunter Biden laptop story — but the press wouldn’t talk about it and instead called it a Russian op.

“They made the decision for you.”

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