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Glenn Beck: Biden AI deepfake powerful enough to 'change elections'

Glenn Beck: Biden AI deepfake powerful enough to 'change elections'

On February 27, 2023, a video of Biden announcing a new national draft, in which 20-year-olds would be conscripted into military service, began making its rounds on the internet.

If you’ve been paying attention to how Biden has been handling the conflict in Ukraine, this doesn’t seem too far-fetched. Billions of our tax dollars have trickled overseas under the watchful (or senile) eye of the president and directly into Ukraine’s outstretched hands.

Because when it comes to pleasing President Zelenskyy, there seems to be nothing Biden can’t be told to do.

But thankfully, the video isn’t real. It was an artificial intelligence deepfake, and it wasn’t even good. An amateur attempt that would be enough to fool some, especially the younger demographic that the imaginary draft was targeting.

However, fake doesn’t mean it’s not concerning. In our modern world that’s oversaturated with technology and an ever-growing AI presence, these deepfakes will get better and more frequent.

It’s not even just political deepfakes that we have to worry about. The filters abundant on TikTok and other social media apps are capable of completely changing a face from being wildly unattractive to looking like a completely different person. If someone like Lori Lightfoot got her hands on products like this, the results could be disastrous.

And as Glen and Stu say in this clip of “The Glenn Beck Podcast,” this kind of technology has the power to influence public opinion and thus future elections. Glen states that something like this “would go around, and around, and around and even when it was debunked — it would still leave a taint, it would still be enough to change an election through just a few, like five, percentage points.”

And that’s just it. All it takes to sway an opinion is a clip, an out-of-context sentence, even a lie.

Especially considering such a massive portion of the population believed that the lab-leak theory was a conspiracy theory until just recently when the Energy Department told them it was okay to think otherwise — people will believe anything.

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