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'Demand destruction' is coming FAST — and it could wipe out WAY more than gas
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'Demand destruction' is coming FAST — and it could wipe out WAY more than gas

'We're in demand destruction right now with oil and ... I think this is being orchestrated'

You can't just cut off Russian oil without replacing it, preferably with American oil, because it's not just gas that's affected.

Even if you're willing to pay higher prices for gas (as so many virtue-signaling elites say they are,) what about all the other things that barrel of oil is used to make? The price of everything will go up. Get ready to start hearing a lot about "demand destruction." Demand destruction occurs when a commodity is priced so high that consumers are forced to find alternative ways to use less of it.

In this clip, Glenn Beck explains this economic tactic and shows how it may be occurring today with oil in America so that the far left can usher in its clean energy dreams.

"We're in demand destruction right now with oil and … I think this is being orchestrated," Glenn said. "I think this is another thing that just didn't feel right. I think our demand destruction of oil was orchestrated."

"I want to explain ... why I say it's really bad to get off Russian oil without opening up our own oil fields," he continued. "I like that morally we're trying to help Ukraine and we do it by canceling, cutting off their blood supply over in Russia, but we're also cutting it off here and the rest of the world."

Glenn explained that only about half of each barrel of oil is turned into gasoline. The other half is turned into everyday items such as solvents, ink, floor wax, ballpoint pins, football cleats, insecticides, boats, sweaters, upholstery, bicycle tires, sports car bodies, nail polish, fishing lures, perfumes, golf bags, tires, dresses, cassettes, dishwasher parts, toolboxes, shoe polish, transport transparent tape, petroleum jelly, caulking, motorcycle helmets, CD players, faucet parts, clothes lines, curtains, food preservatives, baseballs, basketballs, soap, vitamin capsules, antihistamines, purses, shoes, dashboards, cortisone, deodorant, shoelace aglets, putty, dyes, pantyhose, refrigerants, linings, rubber, rubbing alcohol, life jackets, percolators, skis, TV cabinets, shag rugs, electrician's tape, paint, epoxy, car battery cases, tool racks, mops, slacks, insect repellent, oil filters, hair coloring, fertilizers, yarn, umbrellas, diesel fuel, motor oil, bearing grease, roofing, toilet seats, fishing rods, lipstick, denture adhesives, linoleum, ice cube trays, synthetic rubber, speakers, plastic wood, electric blankets, glycerin, dice, fishing boats, rubber cement, tennis rackets, nylon rope, candles, trash bags, house paint, water pipes, hand lotion, roller skates, surfboards, shampoo, wheels, paint rollers, shower curtains, safety glasses, aspirin luggage, guitar strings, antifreeze, football helmets, awnings, eyeglasses, clothes, toothbrushes, ice chests, footballs, combs, CDs, DVDs, paint brushes, detergents, tents, balloons, vaporizers, heart valves, crayons, parachutes, telephones, enamel, pillows, dishes, cameras, anesthetics, artificial turf, artificial limbs, bandages, hair curlers, folding doors, model cars, dentures, cold cream, movie film, soft contact lenses, drinking cups, ammonia, shaving cream, car enamel, fan belts, refrigerators, golf balls, and toothpaste, to name a few.

"There's going to be demand destruction," Glenn warned. "So, if you thought that there was [already] a problem with supply and demand, you ain't seen nothing yet," he added.

"Sowhen you see the price of everything going up, just remember, the people who are leading you to this are the ones that say we have to get rid of fossil fuels. Less than half of each barrel goes to gasoline. The rest of that barrel goes to make everything else we have grown accustomed to. Everything else. So, when your friends tell you that the price [of gas] is worth it — really?

"You cannot disconnect the price of oil, and the price of gasoline, from the price of food or plastic or anything else that you are used to buying. Demand destruction is coming, and it is coming fast."

Watch the video clip below for more details. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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