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Media lies and political fearmongering over climate change trigger rise of 'eco-anxiety'

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'They have scared people to the point where they believe they only have 12 years to live'

On Wednesday's radio program, Glenn Beck and Pat Gray discussed the recent rise of "eco-anxiety," experiencing overwhelming worry or stress over climate change, which is affecting a growing number of people around the world, according to reports.

As the media and left-wing politicians bombard listeners with alarming messages like "the world is going to end in 12 years," feelings of anxiety, depression, and hopelessness about the future are becoming increasingly common — so much so, in fact, that "climate anxiety support groups" are cropping up in an effort to combat the new-age anxiety disorder.

"This is immoral — what the media, what the politicians, and everyone else is doing to our fellow citizens," Glenn said.

"The media and the politicians, they needed to have an enemy. They needed to have a bad guy to be able to take down capitalism. And so they invented [a crisis] that's bigger than World War II. They invented their own Hitler, and their own Hitler is anything that hurts the climate," he added. "They have scared people to the point where they believe they only have 12 years to live ... that's crazy. And the press is responsible. But it's not just the press, it's the politicians as well."

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