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Elon Musk joins Glenn Beck in anti-ESG crusade
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Elon Musk joins Glenn Beck in anti-ESG crusade

'People tried to say it was a conspiracy theory. Obviously it's not'

Elon Musk had a busy weekend. He now holds more stock in Twitter than anyone else after bashing the platform for suppressing free speech, and he also tweeted that he's "increasingly convinced that corporate ESG is the devil incarnate."

Glenn Beck has been sounding the alarm on the Great Reset's nefarious “environmental, social, and governance” score system for years. But until recently, he's stood mostly solo against the mainstream media, global elites, and politicians who are trying to convince us all there's “nothing to see here.”

On the radio program Monday, Glenn and producer Stu Burguiere discussed the details of Musk’s latest moves and explains why an anti-ESG stance from a "global warming guy" like Musk could be significant.

"[Musk] said, 'I'm increasingly convinced that corporate ESG is the devil incarnate.' That's coming from a guy who believes in global warming, built an electric car company, built a spaceship company ... That's remarkable," Glenn pointed out.

"Elon Musk saying this will change the direction, because ... there's a lot of people who, you know, don't listen to me, or don't like me, or whatever," he added. "But Elon Musk has such a wide reach universally."

Stu agreed (particularly with the part about people not liking Glenn, for some reason) and added, "I get this from people all the time ... people who've been listening to the show for a long time, and they [say] 'I've had to listen to 25 segments of Glenn blathering on about ESG scores and I never heard it from anybody else, and then all of a sudden everyone's talking about it.' And that is, I think, the case here."

"You're seeing it with Elon Musk. You're seeing it if you read any financial publication. They're talking about it all the time now," he continued. "You know, people tried to say it was a conspiracy theory. Obviously it's not. It's something that is building in a big way, and has already taken over Wall Street."

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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