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FISA court rebukes FBI for falsifying applications to surveil Trump campaign, Glenn Beck asks 'Is that enough?'

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'Where are the people who are going to jail for it?'

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A chief judge on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court accused the FBI of providing false information and withholding essential details on four applications for authority to surveil former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

Presiding FISA judge Rosemary Collyer issued a scathing rebuke over the FBI's "misconduct and its implications" and ordered the bureau to overhaul its surveillance application process.

The order came in response to Inspector General Michael Horowitz's report released last week, which found at least 17 "significant errors and omissions" in the FBI's four surveillance applications. The FBI released a statement Tuesday saying they would take "more than 40 corrective steps" in response to Horowitz's report.

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On Wednesday's radio program, Glenn Beck lashed out at the FBI and DOJ, saying their pledge to take "corrective steps" is not enough.

"Is that enough for you? Is that enough? Because it's not for me," Glenn said. "They have spent millions, millions of your
dollars. They have torn this country apart. They have cast aspersions on this president, and anyone around him.

"They have dragged people through the mud. They have destroyed people's lives. They have wasted our time and our money. They have gotten us to a point where we don't believe in the rule of law anymore. We don't believe there's justice in the Justice Department. How do you believe the FBI? How do you believe the Justice Department?" he continued.

"Where are the people who are going to jail for it?" Glenn asked. "Give me the names and the people -- and I don't want low level people. Because there's no way this happened on the low level. This was all 'turn a blind eye' -- at best -- from the top. And my guess is, it goes all the way back to the White House. I'll bet you it goes all the way back to Barack Obama's White House. And I want to know. Because otherwise, I don't have any trust in any of this stuff ...the FBI lied to us."

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