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UPDATE: Glenn Beck's audience CRUSHES GoFundMe goal to support small business owners hit hard by pandemic

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The COVID 19 pandemic has not only resulted in the tragic loss of life, but it is also destroying one of the most special parts of American society: the small business.

In this clip, Glenn Beck shared the heartbreaking story of a small business owner, Rochelle Rene Ratto, a 39-year-old mother of two and owner of Boat Barn Bagels. Ratto's bakery was voted Best New Business of the year in Cañon City, CO, and was thriving until COVID-19 restrictions forced her to close her doors. Ratto took her own life on October 26.

Ratto's mother, Shari Rogers, said her daughter's death was a casualty of COVID-19. Rogers addressed the Cañon City Council where she appealed to her community and pleaded for more resources to help small business owners survive.

"She tried to do it, but she couldn't do it and she killed herself," Rogers said. "She was strong, she was smart, she was developing the business mind and doing well. I just feel like dollars are more important than just about anything, and then testing so that when the community freaks out, [business owners] can test themselves and their employees."

Glenn shared his sentiment that we can take Ratto's story and despair or we can take a stand and do something to help small businesses.

"I ask you to stand with me," Glenn said. "To show that the government may have abandoned the small business owner but we won't abandon them."

To help, you can donate at GoFundMe.com/GlennSmallBusiness

Glenn donated all proceeds collected on Thursday from Glennbeckart.com to help small business owners hit hard by COVID 19 restrictions.

UPDATE: Glenn's GoFundMe as of Friday morning blew past the goal of $50,000, raising $160,181 and counting. Thank you to everyone who has donated.

Glenn Fights for Small Business, organized by Glenn Beck

Glenn Fights for Small Business, organized by Glenn Beck www.gofundme.com

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