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HERE’S everything that’s happened to Russell Brand (despite ZERO actual charges)

HERE’S everything that’s happened to Russell Brand (despite ZERO actual charges)

If you haven’t heard, British actor, comedian, and activist Russell Brand is the latest to be #MeToo’d. Seemingly out of the blue, four women came forth with a string of allegations of sexual misconduct against Brand, but only after a news outlet approached them asking for information.

Granted Brand has become increasingly more outspoken against wokeism and elitism in recent years, many wonder whether these sudden accusations are an attempt by the Left-owned media to defame and silence him.

“This is so clear that they hate his guts because of the things he's been saying lately,” Pat Gray tells Glenn Beck.

Of course, if Brand is actually found guilty of any of the charges, let justice be served.

But before that happens, however, Brand is an innocent man and should be treated as such.

Innocent until proven guilty — that’s the order. But the Left, as we know, doesn’t play by the rules.

In the wake of these accusations, Brand has undergone a torrent of consequences.

“Last week, YouTube said it would stop Brand from making money from the streaming site where he has 6.6 million subscribers due to the serious allegations against him,” reports Glenn.

Brand has also “been dropped by his talent agency ... dropped for live performances, and his publisher has also dropped him.”

Most shockingly, however, is the fact that “Parliament told Twitter to demonetize and to shut him down” as well.

“He has nothing, and he hasn't been charged with a crime,” says Glenn.

The BBC also tried "to get Rumble to demonetize him,” but fortunately, “Rumble said no,” adds Pat.

“There’s something very, very wrong here,” says Glenn.

While Glenn acknowledges that Brand "might have done these things” and therefore deserve serious consequences, until we know for sure, he should be treated as an innocent man.

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