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Is the FBI targeting CATHOLICS now?

The Glenn Beck Program

Glenn Beck took to the airwaves last week to sound the alarm on the FBI, which targeted traditional Catholics for being violent extremists in a recently retracted memo.

“Interests of radically or ethnically motivated violent extremist Catholic ideology most certainly presents new mitigation opportunities,” the FBI field office had said in the now-retracted statement.

The FBI almost sound excited, like it’s fun to intimidate religious groups for their beliefs.

Traditional Catholics liable to become violent, according to the FBI, are those that disagree with the Vatican II and the translation of Mass from Latin.

“If you’re really hacked off that the Mass isn’t in Latin, I don’t target a congressman … I don’t know about you. I mean, I don’t understand,” said Beck.

To put a warning label on every traditional Catholic Christian is unheard of and is delving into dangerous territory.

“We are confusing crime with thoughts,” Beck said.

The Orwellian nature of categorizing thoughts and speech as crime is frightening.

“We are all living under the same rights, and when there is a breach of those rights on anyone, it’s a breach on all of us,” said Beck. “When I was growing up, we used to say all the time, ‘Boy, I don’t agree with a word you said, but I’ll fight to the death for your right to say it.’”

How many of us would fight to the death to protect the free speech of those with whom we strongly, maybe nearly violently, disagree?

The answer is: not many.

For America to survive, we must revive that way of thinking before it’s too late.

Watch the full clip below:

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