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WATCH: Former Disney artist mocks company's woke 'takeover' with BRILLIANT parody

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'It's kind of like an internal hostile takeover at Disney'

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Last summer, a former Disney artist who wished to remain anonymous joined Glenn Beck on the radio program to share his parody video called, "It's a Woke World After All." Now, the artist and creative director of PolitiZoid, Bob Arvin, has decided to let his name be known. He returns to the program to speak out against what he calls an "internal hostile takeover" of Disney by woke activists who have abandoned their core audience in favor of a destructive, far-left agenda.

Arvin said he believes that as far back as the late nineties, there were "sleeper cells" of far-left activists within the company. Beginning with the death of Walt Disney's nephew Roy E. Disney in 2009, things began to change and the "militant activists" within the company became much more active.

"They're emboldened, and they're using the smear campaign against the bill in Florida to push their agenda," Arvin said, referencing Disney's campaign against Florida's "Parental Rights in Education" bill. "It's kind of like an internal hostile takeover at Disney is what's happening right now," he added.

"The Disney company is ... like what's happening in our country. It's a small active minority that's steering the ship. And the majority are afraid to speak out, or only now just waking up to what's going on and trying to figure out what can be done," Arvin continued. "They are abandoning their core audience in favor of this agenda, and if they don't destroy it, it'll be damaged for a generation."

Watch the video clip below to see highlights from the PolitiZoid parody and catch more of the conversation:

Also, watch the full "It's a Woke World After All" video below:

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