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Jewish student describes the anti-Semitic HORRORS occurring on her campus

Jewish student describes the anti-Semitic HORRORS occurring on her campus

Not long after Hamas attacked Israel, pro-Palestinian rallies began to pop up on college campuses around the country.

While many of them are simply voicing their support for the Palestinian people, the rallies themselves have often carried anti-Israel and even anti-Semitic sentiment.

Georgetown University law student Julia Wax is now struggling with this.

“What we’re experiencing,” Wax explains to Glenn Beck, “is our student groups and students individually who are posting on social media things that basically are anti-Semitic rhetoric.”

This anti-Semitic rhetoric includes denial of what’s happening in Israel. Essentially, Wax says, this is “denying the beheading of 40 babies, saying that the Nova incident and the music festival didn’t occur,” and “trying to say that AI is how all of this is being generated.”

Wax herself attended a rally “under cover,” where students chanted “we don’t want no Jew state” as well as “Zionism will fall” and “globalize the intifada.”

Brooke Goldstein of the Lawfare Project is incredibly concerned as to what this signifies.

“This is not about a Palestinian state. This has nothing to do with politics. This has everything to do with Islamist, Nazi-like Jew hatred,” she tells Glenn, before adding that the students Wax was discussing are “akin to Holocaust deniers.”

Goldstein, who credits Biden for his stance on Israel, believes Biden needs to “stand with the Jewish population within the United States.”

In order to do that, Goldstein explains the current administration must “do everything they can to root out these terror-supporting, terror-affiliated groups like SJP, Students for Justice in Palestine, they must get off our campuses.”

“You said it yourself, Glenn, this is a national security threat for the United States,” she adds.

Goldstein then warns that these college campuses are being influenced by foreign funding.

“People in the counterterrorism community have been warning about the billions and billions of dollars coming from states like Qatar, which is the second-largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world that are funding our institutions,” she says.

Wax adds that her own college, Georgetown University, has a campus in Qatar.

“I guarantee you,” Goldstein says, “this money we know is going to diversity-equity-inclusion, it’s going to critical race theory, it’s going to fund students groups, and it’s going to radicalize Americans to turn not just against Israel, but against America.”

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