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'There's a huge benefit': Chad Felix Greene on the 'intoxicating' incentive for fake hate crimes

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Victimhood has become the trophy everyone on the left wants

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Senior contributor at The Federalist, Chad Felix Greene, (who also happens to be gay) joined Glenn Beck on Tuesday's radio show to talk about what motivates people, particularly those in the LGBT community, to stage fake hate crimes. They discussed the Jussie Smollett case and how the immense outpouring of praise and attention experienced by alleged hate crime victims is "very intoxicating."

"There's a huge benefit personally to every minority, but certainly the LGBT, to be able to say 'I survived the hate in this country,'" Chad said.

"Once the [Jussie Smollett] story came out, dozens and dozens of activists, celebrities and politicians all suddenly poured out their love to this person. And that, from a human perspective, is a very difficult thing to be strong enough to walk away from," he added. "That's a very intoxicating position to be in. And the left is so used to people not questioning it, that it seems like an easy thing to go after."

Catch more of this conversation in the video clip below:

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