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Larry Elder FURIOUS that Fox News and RNC allow THIS, but keep him off presidential debate stage

Larry Elder FURIOUS that Fox News and RNC allow THIS, but keep him off presidential debate stage

Beloved conservative Larry Elder is in the running for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination but isn’t being allowed to participate in the debates.

“I’ve met the 40,000 individual donor criteria. In fact, I’ve got to have 200 donors from 20 different states. I’ve exceeded that,” Elder tells Glenn Beck.

“The problem is the last one, which is I’ve got to have three national polls where Elder is at least 1% among Republican and Republican-leaning voters. I submitted three,” he continues, but adds that “they rejected one: the Rasmussen poll.”

He was told that poll was “affiliated with Donald Trump” and therefore would not be considered.

Elder says he was also told that any poll affiliated with any candidate is not usable.

“I said, the same Rasmussen that you quote all the time on your Twitter feed? The same Rasmussen that was the most accurate in 2016? And they said, 'Yes,'" Elder adds.

While Elder was unhappy with that decision, he turned in one more poll in which he was above 1% — but it was turned in after the deadline.

“I didn’t realize they were going to reject one of the ones that I turned in, so as far as I’m concerned, all the criteria have been met,” Elder says.

Elder’s lawyer says the RNC and Fox News could be facing a fine of up to $100 million for that decision.

“What I think, Glenn, is they don’t like Larry Elder because I make them feel uncomfortable. I talk about the lie that America’s systemically racist — a lie that Democrats have been using against Republicans time and time again,” he says.

“I think I make them feel uncomfortable because I know the number one social problem in the country is not the epidemic of COVID but the epidemic of fatherlessness. 70% of black kids [come] into the world without a father in the home married to the mother, up from 25% back in 1965. They don’t want to hear about that because they’re definitely afraid of being called a racist,” Elder continues.

“Nothing scares a Republican establishment guy more than being called a racist by the left.”

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