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Obama's border patrol chief destroys left's border rhetoric: 'It's a national security and humanitarian crisis'

The Glenn Beck Program

'They're simply misleading the American people'

The chief of U.S. Border Patrol during Barack Obama's presidency, Mark Morgan, joined Glenn Beck on Thursday's show to refute the leftist rhetoric that walls are "ineffective" and that President Donald Trump manufactured the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Mark explained that he initially believed those on the left were "unintentionally misinforming people," but over the years has reluctantly come to the conclusion that there is "intent behind the distortion of the facts."

"If anyone says that the wall is ineffective, they're simply misleading the American people," Mark said. "There are facts, historical data, that show that the wall, as part of a multi-layered approach of infrastructure, technology and personnel ... Glenn, it works. Go to the facts."

"I don't understand why pundits are not listening to the experts," he added.

Glenn noted that many on the left claim there is no crisis at the border but that President Trump has manufactured the entire issue for the sake of political gain.

Mark said when he became chief of the Border Patrol in 2016, he "almost immediately" considered what was happening to be a "humanitarian crisis."

He pointed out that the problems with illegal immigrant families and unaccompanied minors started in 2014. "This is not a crisis that just happened today, it's a crisis that's been going on for a long time. And it is dual-hatted, it's a national security and humanitarian crisis," he said.

Watch the video above to catch more of the conversation.

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