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'What they respect is POWER and CONTROL': How the Left used masks to condition us to turn on each other

'What they respect is POWER and CONTROL': How the Left used masks to condition us to turn on each other

BlazeTV host Dave Rubin joined Glenn Beck in-studio to discuss the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's recent recommendation that Americans who have received the COVID-19 vaccine no longer need to wear masks or social distance.

Dave and Glenn agreed this new development should not erase how the Left exploited masks make half the American population feel less than human. In fact, Dave said he believes they used masks to inflict "a psychological condition on us to make us afraid of each other, and turn on each other."

"So many people on the liberal side see the mask as a sign that you're part of 'the party,' and when you're not wearing a mask, you're a problem," Glenn observed. "They've been shaming us, they've been side-eyeing us, speaking out and calling us names. How do they remove that mask when it has become part of the identity of the party?"

"Yes, it is a process of 'othering people,' saying the worst things about people," Dave said. "And now it's not just that our political views are odious and should be silenced and kicked off Big Tech and everything else, it's that we are literally killing people by not wearing masks, by not bowing to these people. And who are actually the ones that are instigating the hate? It's them.

"We respect individual rights. We respect freedom and liberty," Dave added later. "And what they respect is power and control."

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation:

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