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Millennials say life today is more stressful than EVER before. Here are their top 16 reasons.

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Slow WiFi and low phone batteries have millennials all stressed out

More than half of American millennials (58 percent) say life today is more stressful than ever before, and one-third believe "their lives are more stressful than the average person's life," according to a recent survey.

The OnePoll survey, commissioned by Endoca, asked 2,000 Americans ages 22-37 about their overall stress level, as well as the top causes for their frustration. Interestingly, supposed hot-button issues of the day, such as climate change or racial inequality, didn't even make the list.

On Tuesday's radio program, Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere discuss the top 16 most stressful scenarios reported by survey respondents:

1. Losing wallet or credit card

2. Arguing with partner

3. Commute or traffic delays

4. Losing phone

5. Arriving late to work

6. Slow WiFi

7. Phone battery dying

8. Forgetting passwords

9. Credit card fraud

10. Forgetting phone charger

11. Losing or misplacing keys

12. Paying bills

13. Job interviews

14. Phone screen breaking

15. Credit card bills

16. Check engine light coming on

Watch the video below:

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