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Glenn’s POWERFUL Nashville tragedy message: THIS is the way out

Glenn’s POWERFUL Nashville tragedy message: THIS is the way out

The devastating atrocity at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, is another testament to just how sick our society has become.

The shooter was a 28-year-old who was being treated for an emotional disorder and who identified as transgender. Her shooting spree left multiple people dead, including three children. But why did she do it? What’s causing it?

While the left will say it’s guns, Glenn Beck disagrees. He believes the cause is lack of “truth,” and he has a message for all Americans who are just as concerned as he is.

He asks, “When will we address mental health?”

“Do you know the damage that we have done to our children just because of COVID? The damage to their mental health? Look at the suicide rate. What is causing all of this?”

He continues, “We do not have a gun problem in America. Per capita, there were more guns a hundred years ago than there are right now. They didn’t have these problems. Is it the gun, or is it the people?”

He believes it’s the people. “What we have in America is a truth problem.”

But what’s the way out?

Beck says, “We must stand firm in the face of an ever-growing storm of disinformation, discord, division. The weak-hearted are not going to be able to weather this storm, but those with the courage to fight for what is true will emerge victorious.”

In the past, Americans had to fight outside forces, but Beck says that has changed.

“It’s not an external enemy that we have to conquer, but the internal divisions that are threatening to tear us apart — and those divisions that are created by monsters of men — who are not just tearing us apart individual from individual, but tearing us and our children apart from the inside out.”

“Everything we face is not insurmountable. But now is the time to return to truth and decency and justice for all. Our kids are the ones who are going to pay the highest of prices for what we do now.”

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