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'These are rent-a-mobs': NYT bestselling author contends the people of Iran are celebrating Soleimani's death

'These are rent-a-mobs': NYT bestselling author contends the people of Iran are celebrating Soleimani's death

'He is the worst of the worst'

On Monday's radio program, Glenn Beck was joined by New York Times bestselling author and investigative journalist Kenneth Timmerman to talk about Iranian terrorist and military leader Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani who was killed last week in a U.S. airstrike ordered by President Donald Trump.

Timmerman emphasized that Solemiani was every bit as bad as the Taliban's Osama Bin or ISIS' Al-Baghdadi.

"He's the chief terrorist of the Iranian regime. He runs a whole legion of overseas terror operators called the Quds Force," said Timmerman. "Their goal is to spread the Iranian ideology, and the regime itself, to foreign countries. So, they're present in Lebanon, they're present in Syria. They're present in Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan. They're the ones who command terror attacks. They're the ones who were going to blow up the Saudi ambassador in the Watergate hotel in Washington, DC, plant a bomb there, because they didn't like the guy, and take out perhaps 100 people, having lunch in downtown Washington, DC in 2011. He blew up the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires that killed 86 Jews in 1994. That was also one of their operations.

"He is the worst of the worst. And in addition, he's the best that they've got. So we just took out somebody incredibly important for the regime," he added.

Timmerman went on to detail several more deadly terrorist attacks that Solemiani planned and orchestrated, including the 2012 Benghazi attack and the recent attacks on the embassy in Baghdad.

Glenn asked Timmerman to weigh in on reports of huge crowds turning out to mourn the death of the terrorist leader.

"We always knew that the regime is capable of mustering a crowd. In many cases they pay people to come. They let them get off work, they oblige government employees to attend these mass rallies and chant 'death with America.' And many times, when the cameras pan out ... there's nobody in the square," Timmerman explained.

"These are rent-a-mobs," he continued. "The people in Iran, who are sick and tired of these tyrants who've been governing them for an era of 40 years of darkness in Iran, are celebrating."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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