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'OBAMAGATE': New evidence suggests President Obama actually orchestrated the FBI’s Trump–Russia probe

The Glenn Beck Program

Are you going to believe Obama or Attorney General Barr?

President Donald Trump took to Twitter Sunday to punch back at former President Barack Obama, who claimed in an audio recording obtained by Yahoo News, that the Department of Justice's decision to drop charges against retired Gen. Michael Flynn put "the rule of law at risk."

"It is at risk ... but not for the reason that Barack Obama said the rule of law is at risk. We're calling this whole FBI investigation 'Obamagate' [because] we know Barack Obama, in the White House, orchestrated much of this. He's the guy who set a lot of this in motion," said Glenn Beck on Monday's radio program.

"We now know that there is evidence, and proof that Barack Obama was part of this setup of Donald Trump, and Michael Flynn. And he's now playing it off because he's in trouble," he added. "This really is Obamagate. [Obama] is in trouble, so he's really launching the first missile and saying that what [the Trump administration] is telling you is not true. So now, are you going to believe Obama or Attorney General Barr?"

Watch the video below to hear Glenn break down the evidence that President Obama knew all that the FBI set up Flynn and used the media to put the Russia collusion investigation into motion.

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