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Glenn Beck: The left is 'coming undone' because of YOU — and these 3 BIG wins prove it

The Glenn Beck Program

'Truth always wins. We just have to stand up and speak it'

The left is "coming undone" because people all across America are standing up to the insanity, BlazeTV host Glenn Beck said on a recent episode of "The Glenn Beck Program."

"Let me give you three good stories. Now these are big stories," he began. "This is you standing up, okay? These three things are happening because you are standing up."

Glenn shared the details of three recent stories that prove taking a peaceful stand against the left is working. Because you stood up, PayPal has backed off its plan to fine users $2,500 for promoting "misinformation," he said. Because of you, Vanderbilt University Medical Center has paused all "gender-affirming" surgeries for minors. And, because you were brave enough to stand up, Louisiana has divested $560 million from BlackRock over its "blatantly anti-fossil fuel policies" and support for ESG.

"This is fantastic news. They are scared out of their minds. This is all coming undone," Glenn said. "Everything they talk about is nuts, it's nuts. There's no common sense to any of this stuff, right? You know it. I know it."

"Truth always wins. We just have to stand up and speak it," he added.

Watch the video clip below to hear more from Glenn. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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