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Flame-throwing robots and cars that can VOTE are closer than you think

Flame-throwing robots and cars that can VOTE are closer than you think

As artificial intelligence continues to make incredible advancements, the threat of UBI feels closer than ever.

“There’s going to come a time, no job, you’re going to have to have Universal Basic Income,” Glenn warns, before recalling a conversation he once had with Ray Kurzweil.

“I said, ‘Ray, all of this technology makes us weaker,’ and he said, ‘No, it’ll make us stronger because you won’t have to worry about keeping all this other stuff in your brain,’” Glenn remembers. “And I said, ‘Really? When GPS goes down, tell my kids to go find their way to a store with a map.’”

Despite Glenn’s awareness of the situation at hand, that hasn’t stopped him from investing in some seriously impressive security, like a flame-throwing robot dog.

The robot dog can clear snow, sense body heat, and comes with a flamethrower, laser, light, and cameras.

Glenn is also getting a drone from Sunflower Labs that geofences your property, and if it senses anything moving, “It automatically deploys and holds them in place.”

“We’re living in that weird world now that we’ve watched in movies forever,” Glenn says.

“What are the odds though that something can go wrong with it, and it uses its flame-throwing ability to burn your house down,” Pat Gray says, unconvinced. “It will happen. It’s inevitable. Something’s going to go wrong with some of them.”

While Glenn knows he’s right, he also knows that there’s no stopping what’s coming.

“I’ve been reading about this since the ‘90s when it comes to technology. Your car eventually is going to be able to make money on its own,” Glenn says. “It’ll make money, but it’ll also have so much technology in it that it could invest that money in the stock market.”

“And if it has the ability to affect the economy, shouldn’t it have a right to vote? I mean the things that are coming, nobody’s prepared for this, and it’s all going to be here by 2030,” he adds.

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