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'One of the most INCREDIBLE and BIGGEST stories of our time': Sharyl Attkisson on newly declassified Trump-Russia info

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'When you fill in the blanks, it's all there'

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Just hours before the first presidential debate Tuesday, National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe declassified Russian intelligence information, obtained by the U.S. intelligence community in 2016, which accused then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton of approving the Trump-Russia collusion hoax before it all began.

Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Wednesday to discuss this new bombshell report, which she called "one of the most incredible and biggest stories of our time."

"Well, [this story] kind of puts a final punctuation on what we've seen come out over the last three years," Sharyl said. "I will say, when I first heard some early reporting and leaks and theories about all of this, it sounded so far-fetched, that this actually would be a plan hatched and paid for by Democrats in the Clinton campaign. But when you fill in the blanks, it's all there. It's pretty clear, and it's pretty obvious.

"But, as often is the case, the drip of information has come out so slowly and been reported so piecemeal, that people are acting like they're not very surprised or shocked ... there's been no giant 'wow' moment on the part of people that were reporting the news at large. That said, this is really one of the most incredible and biggest stories of our time."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

COLLUSION BOMBSHELL: Russia Intel Accuses Hillary Clinton of Approving the Trump, Russia Hoax

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