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FOUL PLAY? Russian doctors are 'mysteriously' falling out of windows after testing positive for COVID-19

The Glenn Beck Program

It could NEVER happen in America, right?

Photo by Sergei Bobylev\TASS via Getty Images

European media have been reporting on a series of recent deaths in Russia: Several doctors who were being treated for COVID-19 died after mysteriously falling out of hospital windows. So, does Russia have a window problem? Or were those physicians speaking out against the government's status quo and paid the ultimate price?

On "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," Glenn discussed how Americans assume nothing like this would ever happen in our country, but the government, mainstream media, and big tech are already doing what they can to silence dissenters. For example, more evidence is currently coming to light that ties former President Barack Obama to the FBI's investigation to oust President Donald Trump.

People like President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden seem willing to do anything to protect their power, no matter how unethical or illegal their actions may be. The government and the media have joined forces to become one, powerful entity. And right now, they're not afraid of anything. It's time to let your voice be heard and call out those in Washington when serious abuses of power occur.

Watch the video below for more details:

SUGGEST, SHOVE, AND SHOOT: How DEMOCRATS and the MEDIA will control & SILENCE you to keep power youtu.be

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