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San Francisco board replaces 'dehumanizing' terms like 'felon' with 'person-first language'

San Francisco board replaces 'dehumanizing' terms like 'felon' with 'person-first language'

With all of California's problems, THIS is what they're worried about?

On Friday's radio program, Glenn Beck and Pat Gray discusses San Francisco's newly approved resolution, which requires the use of alternative "person-first" words to refer to people with a criminal record.

According to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors' new set of guidelines, "dehumanizing language like 'prisoner, 'convict,' inmate,' or 'felon' only serve to obstruct and separate from society and make the institutionalization of racism and supremacy appear normal."

"The following examples serve as models of the appropriate use of person-first language," suggests the resolution:

  1. "Formerly incarcerated person," "returning resident," or "justice involved," not "felon" or"offender;"
  2. "Person on parole" or "person under supervision" not "parolee" or "probationer;"
  3. "Currently incarcerated person," not "convict" or "inmate;"
  4. "Person convicted of a drug offense," not "drug offender"
  5. "A person convicted of a violent/serious offense," not "violent offender" or "serious offender;"
  6. "Person" or "individual" not "returning citizen" or "illegal alien;"
  7. "Person with a felony conviction" not "felon;"
  8. "Young person with justice system involvement" or "young person impacted by thejustice system," not "juvenile offender" or "juvenile delinquent;"
  9. "Person with a history of substance use" not "addict," or "substance abuser."
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Watch the video below to catch the conversation about California's latest crazy progressive policies.

Watch the full episode here.

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