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Economist Stephen Moore: US economic recovery under Trump is EXCEEDING even the most optimistic predictions

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'It's been what I call a "Super-V"'

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Many on the Left continue to bash President Trump for the state of the economy following the coronavirus lockdowns. But economist and member of Trump's Economic Recovery Task Force, Stephen Moore, argues that America's economic recovery under President Trump is exceeding even the most optimistic predictions.

"We're way, way ahead of, not just where I thought we'd be, but where just about every economist [thought we would be]," Moore told Glenn Beck on the radio program Monday. "I'm the ultimate optimist and I never thought there would be this kind of recovery. It's been what I call a 'Super-V."'

Moore touted a record-breaking 33% growth in the nation's GDP (gross domestic product) in the third quarter, as well as unexpectedly low unemployment numbers post-coronavirus lockdowns.

"Unemployment numbers are really pretty impressive," Moore said. "Nobody really expected that. Most people expected we would have about a 15% unemployment rate now. Right now, we're at 7.9%."

Moore also updated Glenn on how the recovery is going for the average American family, and gave his predictions for election night, including the reason he "can't sleep at night."

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