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These two Chinese billionaires are funneling money into the trans movement in the US but NOT China — WHY?

These two Chinese billionaires are funneling money into the trans movement in the US but NOT China — WHY?

Americans today feel more divided than ever, but according to investigative journalist Peter Schweizer, that might not actually be the case.

In his book “Blood Money,” Schweizer exposes how the Chinese Communist Party is using real disinformation and pushing radical movements to divide us.

“Take the issue of the trans movement in the United States,” Schweizer tells Glenn Beck. “This just erupted in the last five years. Well, as I point out in the book, two of the biggest funders of the trans movement in America are China-based billionaires.”

One of those billionaires, Roy Singham, has put more than $160 million into radical causes in the United States, including the transgender movement. Singham is reportedly very close with members of the CCP.

Another billionaire, Joe Tsai, has poured tens of millions of dollars into the trans rights movement. He owns the WNBA team in New York, which was the first professional sports team to have a trans athlete play.

Schweizer explains that the “very troubling part” of all this is that “these guys do not push for these rights in China; they only push for these rights in the United States.”

“This is clearly an effort to destabilize the United States,” Schweizer says.

Even BLM and pro-Hamas demonstrations are funded by organizations that take their marching orders from China.

The other part that’s been devastating to the American divide is what the Chinese military is doing online.

“The Chinese military has thousands of experts that run individually thousands of social media accounts where they pose as Americans in the United States. Basically half the accounts, Glenn, say ‘America is a hopelessly racist, bigoted society,' and the other half of the accounts say ‘I only like white people,’” Schweizer explains.

“I think we are actually divided that we believe we are, and China is trying to create fissures between us,” he adds.

“I thank you for exposing all of this,” Glenn says. "You’re usually so far ahead of the curve, but I think America senses now something is really wrong.”

To hear more, watch the clip below.

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