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THIS is how OUT OF CONTROL our national debt has become during Ukraine War

THIS is how OUT OF CONTROL our national debt has become during Ukraine War

We formed this country for a reason: the desire for freedom. We broke out from under the tyrannical rule of Great Britain to create the freest country on earth. Yet under Joe Biden, it seems our country has all but returned to tyranny.

Glenn Beck certainly believes his administration has gone way too far.

“Is our government involved in making sure that we have a country left to give to our kids?” Glenn asks, adding, “If this government is not doing those things, then we’re failing as citizens who run this country.”

“Right now you have Joe Biden,” he continues, “who is gaming for absolute power. You can always tell how somebody has absolute power because they can break the law openly and never fear any repercussions.”

In his first week alone, Biden signed 21 executive orders, which is far more than Trump, Obama, and George W. Bush combined.

This past Friday, he signed another one that authorizes the secretary of defense and secretary of homeland security to call up the military and the Coast Guard reservists to support NATO operations on the alliance's eastern flank.

The order also authorizes the Pentagon to send 3,000 reservists for deployment to support Ukraine in Operation Atlantic Resolve.

But that’s not all. The president has now sent even more weapons to Ukraine.

This is all coming out as the national debt is being forecasted to be nearly twice as large as the U.S. economy in 30 years.

We’re borrowing $5.1 billion every day.

“The average taxpayer pays $15,500 per year. It’s just under that,” Glenn says, adding, “It will take every dime of every dollar you are paying to the treasury every year, it’ll take every dollar, every dime for the next 329,032 years to pay for the money that we borrow today.”

THIS is how OUT OF CONTROL our national debt has become during Ukraine War

Is our government still trying to uphold our original mission statement, or does it have another goal in mind? Glenn lays out what he believes President Bide...

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