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THIS is why 22x serial killer was COVERED UP. Prepare to be horrified.

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Ted Bundy. Jeffrey Dahmer. Harold Shipman.

You’ve heard of them.

But Billy Chemirmir? The man who murdered at least 22 elderly women between 2016 and 2018?

Why doesn’t that ring a bell?

This is the subject of Glenn Beck and Daniel Horowitz’s conversation.

A deeper dive into the case reveals travesty after travesty. The truth is, there are multiple reasons why this case has been hushed up.

For starters, “we don't know this story because it is an old person dying, and old people die all the time,” says Glenn, “and there is something in our society that is happening that is devaluing the lives of the elderly.”

Second, “nobody did basic police work” despite an overwhelming amount of evidence.

Third, Chemirmir should have been deported on multiple occasions before a single murder took place. He was an illegal alien in the U.S. for an extended period of time before obtaining a green card via a loophole.

Regardless, “he had two DWIs, he had an assault, and then he was even sentenced to 70 days for trespassing,” says Horowitz.

But, of course, Billy was never deported as he should have been, which is what allowed his murderous rampage to ensue.

In multiple senior centers in Dallas and Collin Counties, Chemirmir would “follow the victims into their room as they were slowly walking in, or knock on the door and pose as a maintenance worker, ... and then he would proceed to smother these elderly women with a pillow until they were deceased and then steal the jewelry off their fingers,” Horowitz tells Glenn.

Even though the family of Chemirmir’s first victim reported a missing safe and jewelry, it “went nowhere with police.”

Then, Chemirmir murdered two more victims and stole their jewelry within the samefacility, but “it elicited no investigation from police [or] from the facility management.”

But it gets even worse.

Between the first and second murder, Chemirmir was caught trespassing twice at the facility; only after the third time was he sentenced to 70 days in jail, although he served only 12. And yet, this “raised no concerns” regarding the string of identical murders.

Right after being released, Chemirmir found a second facility where he would “troll the hallways for hours on end,” apparently undetected by staff.

He wasn’t even very good at hiding the evidence either. There were “glasses crushed halfway around the room” and “blood on the pillow” in some of the victims’ rooms, but apparently police ignored the glaring evidence, allowing Chemirmir to continue murdering for another two years.

The only reason he was even caught was because one of the final victims had a pacemaker that allowed her to survive the brutal attack and identify Chemirmir.

And while we’re certainly glad he’s been caught, the injustice somehow still continues.

“They're not asking for the death penalty in Texas,” says Glenn, horrified. “If you've got a guy who we know killed 22,” and it was “cold-blooded murder, and he was doing it just for the money — if you can't get a capital case on that guy, well, then the death penalty doesn't exist really in Texas.”

“I think they're getting away with it because no one knows this story,” he says.

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