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Does the CIA want World War III? This Ukrainian admission suggests so
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Does the CIA want World War III? This Ukrainian admission suggests so

Western leaders don’t seem to want the war in Ukraine to end — and in fact, might want to turn it into World War III.

After reading an article from the New York Times, Glenn Beck believes it's increasingly becoming clear that’s the intention.

The article describes a “secret passageway” in Ukraine “that descends to a subterranean bunker.” In the bunker, “teams of Ukrainian soldiers track Russian spy satellites and EES drops on communications and conversations between Russian commanders.”

The article continues to describe a screen where Ukrainian soldiers are tracking the route of “an explosive drone” that they’re threading through the Russian air defenses from a point in central Ukraine to target in the Russian city of Rostov.

“I don’t think this is a secret when it’s in the New York Times,” Glenn comments, noting that if it was meant to be kept a secret, the New York Times shouldn’t be reporting on an operation just a few yards away from a military base in such detail.

“It seems like a bad move if you want Ukraine to be victorious in a war, you wouldn’t necessarily want to tip your hand to the Russians,” Stu Burguiere agrees.

The article then goes on to describe an underground bunker that’s the “secret nerve center of the Ukrainian military,” which is “almost fully financed and partially equipped by the CIA” — before writing that the CIA has been using Ukraine as an “intelligence partner” for the past 10 years.

“Why would the New York Times print this?” Glenn asks again, shocked that the paper is giving up so much information.

Stu has a disturbing answer.

“Maybe they’re desirous of World War III,” he says, adding, “like, you’re trying to spark a flame that will result in all of us being lit on fire.”

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