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'The world cannot afford another war in the Gulf': UN officials condemn US airstrike that killed terrorist Iranian general

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'An individual's past involvement in 'terrorist' attacks is not sufficient to make his targeting for killing lawful'

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Within hours after Thursday night's airstrike ordered by President Donald Trump killed top Iranian military general and known terrorist, Qassem Soleimani, several senior United Nations officials released statements condemning the commander-in-chief's military action.

"The Secretary-General [António Guterres] has consistently advocated for de-escalation in the Gulf. He is deeply concerned with the recent escalation," wrote U.N. Deputy spokesman Farhan Haq in a statement issued Friday morning. "This is a moment in which leaders must exercise maximum restraint. The world cannot afford another war in the Gulf."

In a series of tweets Thursday night, U.N. special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions, Agnès Callamard, said the targeted killing of Soleiman was "most likely unlawful and violate[s] international human rights law."

"An individual's past involvement in 'terrorist' attacks is not sufficient to make his targeting for killing lawful," claimed Callamard.

On Friday, U.N. Special Representative Jeanine Hennis urged "all parties to exercise maximum restraint in order to avoid another devastating cycle of violence and regional instability" on Twitter.

"For too long, Iraq has been a theatre for different power competitions. Iraqis deserve stability and peace. Cool heads must prevail," Hennis added.

On the "Glenn Beck Radio Program" Friday, Pat Gray and Jeff Fisher (filling in for Glenn) shared their unapologetic opinions of the United Nations and its continual condemnations of America and our president.

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