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Visa WARNED us: Re-categorizing firearm sales is WORSE than federal registry

The Glenn Beck Program

Re-categorizing gun and ammo sales is WORSE than federal registry — here's why

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In a major victory for gun control activists, Visa Inc. now plans to flag firearm sales by separately categorizing sales at gun shops, and other credit card companies, including Mastercard and American Express, may soon follow. But while that's disturbing enough, there's a whole lot more to this story

Earlier this month, Robert B. Thomson III, a senior vice president of Visa, said in a letter to pro-gun control lawmakers, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), that his company believes that "asking payment networks to serve as a moral authority by deciding which legal goods can or cannot be purchased sets a dangerous precedent."

But over the weekend, Visa said it would adopt the new set of standards put forth by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) by creating a special merchant category code for gun stores to use.

“Following ISO’s decision to establish a new merchant category code, Visa will proceed with next steps, while ensuring we protect all legal commerce on the Visa network in accordance with our long-standing rules,” Visa said in a statement on Saturday.

So, if this wasn't Visa's idea, whose was it? And why did Visa suddenly cave?

On "The Glenn Beck Program" Monday, Glenn pointed out that none of this originated with the banks or credit card companies. So where is it coming from?

Glenn read a letter written by Sen. Warren and Representative Madeleine Dean (D-Pa.) that openly admitted that the implementation of a new merchant category code for gun and ammunition stores would only be "the first step towards facilitating the collection of valuable financial data that could help law enforcement in countering the financing of terrorism efforts.”

So are progressive leftists in Congress winning the battle for gun control, or is someone even more powerful than the federal government calling the shots?

In the video clip below, Glenn takes a deep dive into this latest attack on the Second Amendment and reveals how this is a step toward something even worse than a federal gun registration.

Watch the video clip below for more details. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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