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Porn in schools “is a children’s rights issue.”

Porn in schools “is a children’s rights issue.”

If you thought the woke indoctrination going on in schools couldn’t get any worse, well, you were wrong.

Just last week, an 11-year-old boy read an illustrated romance novel, called “Nick and Charlie,” in front of a school board. The book was pornographic, detailing a scene between two boys who steal wine from their parents and decide to sexually experiment with each other.

The boy said he saw the book propped up on a stand and went to check the book out so he could bring it home and show his dad. When he did, the librarian asked him if he wanted more and if he wanted the graphic novel version.

Disturbing doesn’t cover it. This is blatant LGBTQ+ indoctrination.

Not only is pornographic content in a school library, it's being promoted by the school and endorsed by the adult librarian. It’s nothing short of pedophilic.

Sara Gonzales calls it like it is. She says, “This is not a trans issue. This right here is a children’s rights issue.”

Gonzales goes on to say, “This is about protecting children from being sexually abused, exploited, and indoctrinated by adults. This is the most important thing going on in our country right now. You can talk all you want about Russia and Ukraine ... but if we can not agree that we have to protect children from being abused — that we will protect the innocence of children and stop exposing them to sex, to perversions, to irreversible hormones, chemical castration, chopping their [genitals] off, chopping their breasts off — nothing else matters.”

And she’s right. The country can come back from inflation, war, and bad policy — but it cannot come back from sexually mutilating and abusing the next generation.

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