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The FBI is targeting YOU! Could your slang words be 'violent extremism'?

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Can using slang words online alert the government to your presence?

Apparently they can, as the Heritage Foundation has just unearthed FBI documents that flag certain terms as “violent extremism.”

Among them are words frequently used on social media, like “Chad,” “looksmaxxing,” “it’s over,” “roastie,” “NEET,” “normie,” “blue pill,” “red pill,” “black pill,” “Stacy,” “based,” and “LARPing.”

They’ve lumped these terms in with others that are decidedly “racist.”

According to BlazeTV host Sara Gonzales, the “FBI’s domestic terrorism reference guide on involuntary celibate violent extremism offers a threat overview for incels that aims to identify them by the slang that they use, which they say is some of those slang words.”

Gonzales' guest, Jaco Booyens, says, “It’s so biased, it’s so blatant now.”

She picks out the term “red pill” and reads the FBI’s analysis of it.

“Red pill,” she says, “is also listed as a term associated with racially or ethnically motivated violent extremism and described as in the context of racially or ethnically motivated violent extremism ideology.”

“Taking the ‘red pill’ or becoming ‘red-pilled,’” she continues, “indicates the adoption of racist, anti-Semitic, or fascist beliefs.”

“This is our own government,” Gonzales says.

Booyens believes the government is behind all the division we currently see in our country. “You have to ask yourself, ‘Well, who is really causing the division in our nation?’”

He continues, “It’s them. It is in fact the government. If there is a racial faction in this country, it’s because you’re producing it. It’s because you’re driving the narrative. It’s because you’re branding half of the country, probably more, as racist, extremist, fascist, you know, Jew-haters.”

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