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Here's what happened at Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club on Saturday

The News & Why It Matters

Was there a connection between Yang and Zhang?

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On Thursday's episode of "The News & Why it Matters," Sara Gonzales, Stu Burguiere, Jason Buttrill, and Andrew Heaton discussed Cindy Yang, a former massage parlor owner, and a woman named Yujing Zhang, 32, and the known details surrounding Zhang's arrest at Mar-a-Lago Club on Saturday.

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Who is Cindy Yang?

Cindy Yang, a former brothel owner, came to Mar-a-Lago in 2017 where she began organizing events for a man named Lee, who is the founder of the United Nations Chinese Friendship Association. Her job was to invite Chinese clients to stay at Mar-a-Lago and try to network their way into the President's circle.

What about Zhang?

According to Fox News, Zhang was arrested at Mar-a-Lago on Saturday, after being accused of illegally entering the club. Once taken into custody, the woman was reportedly in possession of two Chinese passports and malware.

During a press briefing Wednesday, President Donald Trump commented on the incident, stating that the Mar-a-Lago staff and the U.S.Secret Service did a fine job handling the situation, and he said that he is not worried about the situation.

According to Fox News, Zhang initially told the receptionist that she was there to visit the pool, and that she was at the club for a United Nations Chinese American event, but the receptionist knew the event had been cancelled.

Zhang told Secret Service agent Samuel Ivanovich that she had traveled to Florida from Shanghai after a man that she met on social media talked her into attending "this event and attempt to speak with a member of the President's family about Chinese and American foreign economic relations."

According to Fox News, the woman has been charged with lying to federal agents and trespassing, and is being held pending a hearing next week.

How are the two women connected?

There has not been any evidence found to support a connection between Yang and Zhang at this time.

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