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Right now, 7,000 migrants are heading to America via the Darién Gap, many of whom are being led by 'Chinese influencers'

Right now, 7,000 migrants are heading to America via the Darién Gap, many of whom are being led by 'Chinese influencers'

Illegal immigrants crossing our borders have always been a problem, but it’s become an out-of-control monster of a problem since the Biden administration took office, and it’s only getting worse.

Sara Gonzales plays the clip of a sea of immigrants numbering more than 7,000, heading to the United States right now by way of the Darién Gap; many of them are allegedly being led by "Chinese influencers."

“We can't ask who they are, we can't ask what they're going to do here, what they're going to give to us,” sighs Pat Gray. “We have to only mention what we're going to do for them.”

“Meanwhile, Joe Biden has already requested that Congress appropriate $1.4 billion to help state and local governments provide shelter and services for migrants,” says Sara.

“They want your taxpayer dollars to pay for them welcoming these immigrants with open arms.”

It’s especially upsetting and unfair for the cities and states that did not enact certain immigration policies and chose not to be places of designated sanctuary.

“The audacity of these people to say, ‘No, we want everyone to have to pay for our policies – for our party's policies, for our state's policies, for our city's policies – that we chose to enact; now it's your responsibility,’” even though many cities and states warned that it was “a horrible policy,” says Sara.

“This whole system qualifies as a human trafficking operation,” says Jaco Booyens, because “American mayors [and] American cities are making money off the backs of displaced people who were displaced by our federal government from the get-go – they were enticed to come, they were lied to by the president of the United States” that they could have “the American dream.”

However, when they arrive here, the consequences are often devastating – both for the migrants and for U.S. citizens.

“Women are prostituting themselves at unbelievable rates because they have no food, they have no credentials … they do not have family here,” Booyens laments. “The military-age men that are coming here who can't get a job, they cannot live here legally or eat legally. … What does that mean? They're going to rob you, they're going to steal, they're going to plunder; you're going to have anarchy in the streets, but maybe that is the whole point.”

“Well, of course it is – chaos is the whole point,” says Pat.

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