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'It is nefarious. It's intentional and purposeful': Allen West exposes the REAL reasons for Biden's border crisis

The Rubin Report

On “The Rubin Report," retired Lt. Col. Allen West, candidate for Texas governor, joined BlazeTV host Dave Rubin to talk about the Biden administration’s migrant crisis and the real reason Democrats and the radical left want open borders.

"It is nefarious. It's intentional and purposeful," Allen said of the Biden administration’s immigration policies. "When I look at this open borders agenda that was implemented — unconstitutionally, I mean you cannot give up the sovereignty of the United States of America by executive order — but then you look at H.R.1 and what H.R.1 talks about, because both of them came at about at the same time. H.R.1 says that there will be no voter registration review, there will be no picture ID, that we will be doing voting by unsolicited mail-in ballots, and online voter registration, same-day voter registration and voting, and illegals being able to vote. And you look at this infrastructure bill, the human infrastructure bill, where they're talking about granting amnesty. And so, by the end of this year we will be looking at close to 2 million illegal immigrants, this is a record high for the United States of America, have crossed the border and come into this country."

Allen also explained why it’s not just Biden’s immigration policy that is failing, but NGOs as well. He revealed how non-governmental organizations at the U.S. border, like Catholic Charities, are actually making matters worse by enabling crime and human trafficking.

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