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Andrew Tate explains how gays were tricked into going along with the LGBTQ agenda

Andrew Tate explains how gays were tricked into going along with the LGBTQ agenda

While controversial social media star and former kickboxing champion Andrew Tate may hold opinions that rub everyone from liberals to conservatives the wrong way — he often tends to make a lot of sense.

In a clip widely shared on social media, Tate is seen explaining why he isn’t a fan of lumping the gay community together with the transgender community.

“LGBTQ — they package it all together, and I would argue that G and T are very different things. A gay man and someone who’s chopped their d*** off are very different things.”

“So now, because the spectrum of your enemy is so large, you have people who are complete fully this way,” Tate continues, meaning transgender people, “you have people who we accept that are normal in society, we have no problem with gay people, and they put it all together.”

When they lump gay people in with transgender people, they’re able to say those who disagree with the transgender community also disagree with the gay community.

“They complicate the argument, and they mix it all together, and now you’re a bigot, and, really, you just want your kids to be left alone,” he adds.

Dave Rubin agrees.

“He got it right there. They have widened the spectrum of these things because the gays and the lesbians, it was all taken care of. You got marriage, no law is discriminating against everybody, you got equality.”

“But,” Rubin continues, “the activists could not give it up because they need division. The non-profits need division. Joy Reid needs division. All of these people need that division because without the division, you might just go ahead and live your life and be happy and not give them money and not give them attention. And they don’t deserve either one of those things.”

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