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'We're kind of f***ed': Ben Shapiro has had enough of liberal attacks on 'whiteness'

The Rubin Report

This is how redefining racism is tearing our country apart

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In this episode of "The Rubin Report," BlazeTV host Dave Rubin talked with The Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro about systemic racism, the flawed thinking of anti-racism, cancel culture, and forgotten American history.

Ben couldn't help but break from his usual polite protocol when asked to describe the current state of woke politics and how racism is tearing us apart in this country.

"We're kind of f***ed," Ben said. "I mean, it really does feel as though any common bonds that we once shared are basically disintegrating, and that we're being pressured into mimicking the belief that all those bonds are gone. So, even if you believe that bonds aren't really frayed and we really should have some things in common, if you say that out loud, you're part of the system, the white supremacist system. It's such dangerous stuff."

He discussed a disturbing graphic recently published by the National Museum of African American History and Culture, a tax-payer funded Smithsonian Institution, which links traditional American values to systemic racism and a culture of white supremacy.

"Among these evils of whiteness, things we've all integrated into our lives because of the prevailing system of white supremacy, are things like hard work, individualism, justice, time management, delayed gratification, [and] science," Ben asserted. "I'm not kidding. These are all things that are listed as elements of white supremacy, that must be rejected in order to move into a better, more progressive world."

Ben pointed out the dangers that have resulted from progressives' "absolutely despicable redefinition of the term racism" to mean "any system that results in racial inequality."

"If you are not seeking the destruction of that system, you are complicit in racism. And in order to be anti-racism, you have to seek to destroy that system. Well, every system in human history has resulted in inequality of some sort or another, because human beings have different capacities. We make different choices," he said.

"So anything and everything that is part of that system is tainted by racism and must be ripped down completely. And if you are complicit in the system, by doing things like hard work and individualism, you are an assimilationist," Ben added. "So, you're saying to yourself, 'Aren't they closing an awful lot of doors to black Americans and minority Americans?' [...] It's insane! I mean, David Duke could write this s**t. He really could write the idea that whiteness is about hard work, and individual initiative and religious adherence and family structure. That's crap!"

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

(Warning: Strong language)

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