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Bill Maher DESTROYS guest who jokes all WHITE people are ‘problematic’
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Bill Maher DESTROYS guest who jokes all WHITE people are ‘problematic’

On a recent episode of the “Club Random with Bill Maher” podcast, guest Larry Wilmore highlighted his own hypocrisy.

“I have a healthy outlook on this,” Wilmore told Maher. “I just view all white people as problematic. So, it doesn’t matter what party you’re in,” he laughed.

Maher then did what he does best and pointed out Wilmore's hypocrisy.

“I know that’s a joke, and you can make every joke in the world on it. I just want to point out that we do live in an era now where lots of stuff can’t happen in reverse. Like, I can’t make that joke about you,” Maher said.

“You could, you just can’t say it in public,” Wilmore responded.

“I believe everything is in public now, what in the f***ing world is not in public,” Maher said, laughing. “I mean, you can find a lot of TikToks of young black women, usually women, saying ‘I just can’t deal with white people today,’” Maher shot back.

“Can you imagine if a white person said that in reverse though?” he then asked.

Wilmore then continued to claim that white people just don’t put it online.

“But the fact that you make a TikTok out of it says a lot,” Maher continued, to which Wilmore agreed that black people have “cultural permission” to poke fun of white people.

“It’s so interesting, because Wilmore when he says that ‘I just view all white people as problematic’ and then he laughed,” Dave Rubin comments. “You, Larry Wilmore, I think you’re a TV star, you’re probably worth millions of dollars. There you are hanging out with elite Hollywood celebrities.”

“We’re allowed to make fun of you. I’m not making fun of you because you’re black, I’m making fun of you because your ideas are thin and stupid and you don’t get a force field because of the color of your skin,” he adds.

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